Jack O' Lanterns

Long time ago, sometime in fall, somewhere in Trinity Bay, an old man was out fishing in his dory. He was pulling in the fish, like metal stuck to a magnet . He started to make his way home when it got dark. He saw a couple of lights. He stopped and stared at them for a while, then they started to come closer. When it got about 10 feet in front of him, the fish started to flick . Then he realized it was jack o'lanterns. He tried to start up his boat and it wouldn't start. Now the jack o'lanterns were 5 feet away from him. He started to panic. He pulled and pulled but the engine wouldn't go. He decided he would row home. He started to row but the winds were too strong. He rowed to shore and took off running in the woods. He sat down on a log then he heard something breathing very hard behind him. He turned around and saw the most terrifying thing he had ever seen. It was greyish in colour . It was half wolf, half bear, and about 7 feet tall. It had enormous claws. He took off running, then he found a place to sleep for the night, until morning. Then he walked and walked until he reached his town.

Justin Benoit
St. Anne's School
Grade 7

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