Late one Halloween night , in the year 1993 , three kids were getting ready to go trick or treating when one of the kids mothers came in to the bedroom and said " Do not go into the wood Chester forest . There are tales going around that something lives in those woods so promise me you won't go into those woods....ok!" The kids promised.

After the boys got their first bag ready and full , it started to rain so they looked for some shelter . The only place they could go was the bus shelter , but one boy remembered about a shack in the woods not far from there where They could eat their candy and wait till the rain stopped. The boys decided to go . When they got about five minutes into the woods they heard noises in the trees . They looked up and saw a dark shadow go across the corner of their eyes . The boys started to run for the shack . One boy could see it only steps away, it was made of rotten wood and the windows were broken but the boys didn't care as long as they could get out of the rain and away from what ever was out in those woods .

They shut whatever was left of the door and put a piece of wood they found across it . The boys were too afraid to eat their candy .

So they decided to leave when they noticed one of the pieces of wood that was across the door was missing . They started to worry and then they heard some noises behind them. They looked and there was this huge , black , sharped teeth, thing was staring at them with it's bright yellow eyes . It grabbed one of the boys and bit him instantly killing him . The other two boys ran for it with the monster close behind them . The boys got onto the highway and saw a sign with the words " dead mans cove " written on it so they started to worry . They ran towards the town hoping to find some one to help . They were only about one minute away from the town when the monster grabbed the youngest boy and tore him apart . The oldest boy just ran as fast as he could . When he looked back he didn't see the monster anywhere running . He reached one house that was a peach color with white shutters . He knocked on the door and this old woman answered . She seemed quiet . He started to tell her about the monster that killed his friends then suddenly the woman dropped to the ground and behind the woman was the monster . The monster grabbed the boy and broke his neck then the monster took the corpses and went back to the shed .

The next morning the mother of the youngest son turned on the t.v and on the news was a picture of the creature that lived in the woods and another picture of the dead old woman . The mother started to worry about her son so she called the oldest boys mother and there was no answer then the doorbell rang. She answered the door just to see her corpse on the bridge.


Conne River

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