Halloween Night

One Halloween night I was walking along and then I heard oooo............ When I looked it was a ghost floating around my head. Then I heard cackles it was witches flying from up above on there broom sticks. Then I heard little children screaming I looked over little people ,was chasing them .Then I heard little kids crying because big blue and purple monsters were taking the kids treats .the goblins jumped out from the bushes and started picking ,pushing, pulling on me.

The bats flies across my head, devils coming up from the ground , pumpkins smashed every where by the goblins .then all of a sudden werewolves chasing after me, I ran right into a big spiders web and the spider was on me ,I was freaking out then it fall off of me .Then I ran back to my house and finally I was done trick or treating . Next time I am taking a friend with me .Then I found out it was my classmates pulling a trick on me . THE END

Kyndra Joe
Grade 7
St. Anne's School

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