The Scariest Halloween

One Halloween Stephanie and I went trick or treating. We were going up Long Run Hill and we heard something in the woods .So then we ran the rest of the way up the hill . We did our trick or treating .But on our way home we had to go down the hill. We were so scared .When we got to the bottom of the hill ,we heard the same sound .At first we though it was a ghost, but it was a black cat .When we were walking home we were on the water side of the road and I saw something in the water. I told Stephanie that there was something in the water. Then we went on the beach to see what it was .There was an orange light coming from the water and it got closer .We ran bake up the hill and we saw a dead body in the middle of the path .We looked back at the water an the light was gone ,so we ran home.

Later that night we got a phone call. The voice asked if I was in the house with my friends. I put down the phone .The phone rang again .It sounded like the same person and she said I'm the dead person. We didn't answer the phone for the rest of the night.

I looked out the door and I saw a light on the beach again .Stephanie thought there was something wrong with me because she didn't see anything on the beach . When I looked again the light was gone . Stephanie went in the house and the light was there. My cousins, Erica and Kimmie ,were there . They told me they were on the beach shining the light to scare me . Erica was the dead body on the road .This was my scariest Halloween.

St. Anne's School

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