My Scariest Halloween

My scariest Halloween was when I went to my first Halloween party. My aunt Gerarda and I went through the haunted house. There were people grabbing me by the legs and I was so scared. You could see people hanging by their necks and by the time you got out you didn't want to go in again.

The next day I went trick or treating. I had a lot of fun until I started to walk over the Subdivision road. I was all finished trick or treating out Conne. I had a few more places to go. Then I saw something looking right at me. It was a goblin. I was not scared because I had my dog with me. I was dressed up as a witch and my dog was my cooking pot. All of a sudden my dog started to bark and the goblin started to come closer. My cooking pot started to ween and my cooking pot and I started to run. When I stopped, we looked behind and it was gone. That was the scariest Halloween I ever had.

Sarah Hinks
St. Anne's School
Grade 7

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