The House On Partridge Point
(A Halloween story)

One Halloween night a few friends and I went trick or treating ( I was dressed as a devil. ), and we saw a person.The person was standing in the middle of the road. She was dressed in all white. She was kind of see throughish and faddy, and we could not get past her. It was like there was a barrier between us. Then I remembered the story my mom told me about my great grandfather, and how this had happened to him. All of a sudden she faded away, so we started to run. My friends and I saw something fly by up in the sky, and this flying thing was no bird or bat, it was too big.

We started to walk southeast and we heard something like a horse, but there was no-one or nothing around but us. One of my friends kristien said "Hey guys look over there." So we looked and saw a reddish light and then my friend Dayna got scared. Once we got to where the reddish light was, it was gone away but then we heard a deep laughing and I started to scream. I looked down at the ground and said "Hey, guys, look at this!" and we saw hoof prints in the sand. I had gotten so scared I fainted.

When I woke up I saw my friends running away and one of my friends, Collin, was hauling my best friend, Kristien, off the road and she was crying. When I looked up, I saw a truck that was about to run me over. The truck was big, blue with all tinted windows and a white cap on the back. All of a sudden it went off the road. My friends started running back to me and my friend, Justin, said " You were almost killed!"

After, I told my friends about the hoof prints and how they were the Devil's. I then told them how Southeast Road was the road to hell. My friends helped me up, and Collin carried me on his back. We went where the truck had gone off the road and to see if anyone was hurt. But when we looked there was nothing but tire tracks. Collin let me off his back and we followed the tracks. All of a sudden the tracks ended but there was no truck.

Instead of a truck, there was a big dark haunted house out on Partridge Point. So we went into the house and there were ghosts flying around every where and in the middle of the room there was a mirror, and in the mirror we saw the evil Candy Man with an ax. We ran into the next room and on the wall there was a decryption about the house. It said "This is the house of the dead. It use to belong to a witch who use to poison people who came trick or treating!" Once we read that we all got scared and came running out of the house and straight home.

On the way home we tried to tell some kids about what we saw but they would not believe us. When we got home we told our parents what we saw and they said that from now on the ghosts would come back each year to try and kill us. We asked them how they knew this and they said "Because the same thing happened to us."

The End

Susan Hill
Conne River

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