In my family there is a story passed down from one generation to another generation. I want to share this story with you; my ancestors lived next to a graveyard. As children their parents told them never to go into the graveyard alone after dark. One night, this one boy was late for supper and he decided to take a shortcut, through the graveyard. It was just at dusk, when he entered the long trip, through the graveyard. As he walked it became dark very quickly. There was no moonlight to lighten up his way home.

As he was walking he heard someone following him. Every time he turned around the sound would stop. Strange sounds could be heard coming from one direct spot in the graveyard. The boy started to run and he heard footsteps right behind him. Full of panic and fright he saw the light at his house.

Finally he reached the bottom first step. He felt safe and secure until a large hand grabbed his leg, the boy looked down to see a small, husky, ugly Moloch with rotten teeth looking at him. The Moloch had great strength and started dragging the boy into the graveyard. The Moloch used its power to maneuver vines and shrubbery around the boy's body just to keep him from yelling for help and squirming away.

The Moloch dragged the boy to a grave and magically opened it up. Suddenly the boy felt his body being dragged into the grave with great strength. The boy finally got a good look at the face of the Moloch. It had long, dirty, bug-ridden hair, thick and matted; its nose was huge with giant lips and rotten teeth. The boy was totally shocked and frightened by the site of the Moloch.

Luckily, the boy's dog followed him into the Moloch's territory. The dog grabbed the Moloch by the hair and picked him up and threw him away from the young boy. The young boy started running toward his house with the screaming sounds of the Moloch in pain behind him. The dog jumped on top of the Moloch, gnawing at his hair. The Moloch, with its incredible strength threw the dog into a gravestone. The dog quickly recovered just as the boy returned with his friends and his father.

They captured the Moloch and made a deal with it. From now on if anyone from the boy's family passes through the graveyard that they will pass safely and if he doesn't, the boy's family will destroy the home of the Moloch and him with it. The boy learned a valuable lesson, when your parents tell you something you better listen or prepare to face the consequences.

Tristan Johnson
Class 8-G
Eskasoni School

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