One Halloween night when we went out for Halloween we saw a witch flying in the sky. We went to the house that was haunted but we didn't know so we went in. When we went and saw a ghost it scared me so I ran out of the house. I went to another house that had a vampire devil and monsters. I didn't know there were some in there because they were all upstairs behind a door. I walked in and they all jumped out and scared me. I ran so fast out of the house I was scared to walk in another house. But I still went in another house. I went in and the headless horseman grabbed me I screamed so loud nobody ever went in that house again except the witch and monsters. The next house I went just threw candies at me. I thought all the houses were going to be like that. The next house I went to had a black cat, bat, wizards and ghouls. They looked really scary but I wasn't scared until I walked upstairs. All the monsters I saw were up there, even the one that threw the candies at me. The witch grabbed me and said "you want some soap my dear?" but I said "no thank you" she said "why not? It is very good. Just take it!" I still said no.

Lydia Barnaby
Grade 4

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