On Halloween there are going to be bats out and headless horsemen and Jason and that spooky there is ghosts out and some zombies and they are scary and watch out Freddy they might chase after you and I got chased by Freddy and jack-o-lantern they were some freaky and my sister got chased by a bat she chased after a black cat it was the witch with her cat. The witch had told us to watch out for scream and Helga because they have a secret potion that she wanted me and my mom to taste and she had gross stuff in it so watch out for the witch she told her friend to make another potion and she did there were , eye of newt in it and liver, brains and she had eyeballs in it and there was a skull in it plus toenails hearts frog legs, my dog tried it he did not like it he spit it out of his mouth and there was nightcrawler worms it looked disgusting but I tried it was really gross so I spit it out on the bathroom I was so gross my mom tried it she spit it out because it was gross when I tried the eyeball stew it was gross I had to spit it out my mom tried it too she spit it out.

Grade 4

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