One Halloween then it was winter it was a boy's birthday and he was having a sleepover and he invited the boys to come and they ate cookies and played some games and ate pizza and then it was time to trick-or-treat and they went to houses and more houses and there was only one house left and it was the haunted house! They say a devil named Freddy lived in that house and one night he was in his chair and then he died and he has been dead for 3 years said one boy and then one boy says once a boy came in the house and never came out and the police went in the house and fond the boy hung by a rope. Then they went back to his house and told ghost stories and then they went to bed then the boy who owned the house and a funny feeling that someone was in his house then he heard a noise and he woke up the other boys they told him to go back to bed but he couldn't go back to bed he was afraid that robber might be here so he went to see and it was the devil and the boy died and nobody saw him again.

Monica Isaac
Grade 4

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