Once upon a time Brian was walking home from the pow wow and then he heard some noise and he stopped to look and then he heard a heart noise and I came from the pumphouse and saw Brian walk backwards then he saw a ghost pick up a trash can. And then I saw a monster come out of nowhere and then I started to run and then I fell down the road and I smelled a skunk and he had a monster face and then I saw a dog with a rotten head with big buck teeth. And then I saw Brian on his bike and a monster following him and I saw a mummy follow me and then the mummy had fell in a hole and then I saw a zombie walk to me and then I tripped it and then I saw a zombie girl and then I saw a skeleton and then I went t my dad's graveyard and I talked to him and I saw a twenty dollar bill. The end.

Matthew Germain
Grade 4

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