On Halloween people say there are monsters, mummies, coffins, ghosts, goblins, graveyards, zombies, Freddy Krueger, Jason, skeletons, jackal, monsters and all kinds of that spooky stuff. I am going to be a skeleton with a heart in my hand and squeezing it and fake blood comes down my face. Brooke is going to be a witch with a brain in her hand. Last year I was a clown, I was shy. My big brother, he might be Freddy Krueger. My brother Gerard, he might be Jason or a devil. My mom is going to stay home and my dad too. I want to go to the haunted house I only went two times. This year we are going to get candy in town, with Jon, me, Gerard, Brelley and Sam. I am going with Brooke and Morgan. Morgan is going to be scream. That's so old. She is going to hold a heart in her hand and we are going to wear black. I got to go home at 7:00 till 8:00 then we go in town. The haunted house us going to be somewhere else. My brother is going to work in the haunted house. He slaps people in the back of the head, and we are going to have a party. If we behave in class on the 31st.

Tamara Barnaby Mitchell
Grade 4

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