On Halloween you can see a witch going to her castle and you can see her with a bag and in the bag there are legs, eyeballs, lizard legs, and some more witches come and then on the next Halloween they will turn you into frogs. And once I went trick or treating I saw frogs all over the place and everywhere I go I always see cats, dogs, vampires, wolves, scream and more real stuff I went home I went in my room and I saw real life vampires, mummies and scarey stuff and I got on my truck and drove 100km/h and then I drove my truck to Ottawa and Montreal and then I looked back then I saw mummies, vampires, chasing after me just by walk and driving and so I drove as fast as I can and then when I drove too fast I had two flat tires and then I got off of my truck and I ran then I had a good idea and then I did it but it didn't work, so I just kept on running until I see some more scary things and then I was surrounded and then they came close and close until I had to right them. I almost got like them and then Halloween was done and then they all disappeared and then I went back home. But once I went home I realized that Halloween wasn't don't, so I ran and then I ran and then I became one. The end.

Morgan Metallic Holley
Grade 4

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