It was the night before Halloween. There are four people in the family, their names are Bella, Jason, Allan and Crystal. Allan and Crystal go get their costumes. Allan gets scream, Crystal gets a witch costume. Then they get pumpkins. They are so big that they couldn't lift them up. They ask this guy and he said "get out of here". They go home and they carve the pumpkins. They make funny faces and scary faces. Their parents said time to go to sleep. They couldn't sleep it was morning. They woke up, they look around them everything was different. They went to go to brush their teeth and their toothpaste is orange with spiders in it. They said "I'm not brushing my teeth!" It was 6 o'clock. They put their costumes on. They go for 2 hours, "this is the last house we're going to." The house was big. They say "it's an old lady who lives here". "Come in, my husband would love to see your costumes." They go upstairs. He said "come in" and they went in. The old lady locked them in there. Those were all the people who were missing. One day after they were missing. They go in the house and find their dead bodies.

Grade 4

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