In eight more days, it will be Halloween. I'm going to be death for Halloween. Probably it will be snowing on Halloween. Chris is going to be scream and Tanner is going to be an alien. Halloween is my favourite holiday. You can get candies, chips and bars. When it comes to Halloween, I will steal some candies and the masks (if they are masks). It will be the best time ever with Spencer and Fraiser. We are going to the haunted house and try to find our way out and knock the guys down and take their place of scaring the little kids to death and make them cry like little babies. On Halloween it will be a blast and then go to the house and listen if I win the competition and see what my prize is. Then make my brothers cry and jealous over me. That is everything that I'm going to do Halloween. And have a great time on Halloween.

Spencer Isaac
Grade 4

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