Halloween is great and fun and you get a lot of candy and eat it all and dress up funny. And get a sour one and barf. And eat a lot of candy and go home and eat it all. Until you can't eat no more and then go and get more candy in a different costume. And get more candy and don't stop and when you go trick or treating you bring a book bag and when you bring a book bag you can put the candy and put it in your book bag and your book bag gets full then fill up your bag and go home and dump the candy somewhere and put it in your room and make sure that you hide it somewhere and go and get some more candy and then go in the haunted house lots of times and have nightmares in your sleep and go crazy and go back out and get more candy and be a ghost this time and go and fill your bag up and eat it and tell your mom to give you money.

Desmond Isaac
Grade 4

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