On Halloween I went out trick or treating. At one house they gave me some chocolate eyes. Last year I got chased by some bats and I saw a witch fly right by me. At one house I got really scared. There was a real life skeleton sitting at the porch. When I went in I saw something at the door and once I went by it screamed. Plus the owner looked like a real witch. It had a real pimple on it's nose. Her hands and face were power green and her nails were humongous. I thought she was a real witch. Then I went to another house. When I went on the porch a hand popped right out of it. I screamed and jumped. They put a statue that was a real person then when I went near it, it jumped right in my face. Then I went to another house they gave me some box with a lot of stuff in it. I looked and there was a lot of candy spiders in it. On Halloween it was really scary. On Halloween night the police station has the most scary place and when I went in there it freaked me out. I ran out so quick your head would spin. Once you step into the police station a pretend hand grabs your foot.

Celine Dedam
Grade 4

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