On Halloween I would make everybody really scared. I would be the scariest thing in the world. But this is just on a sheet of paper and I have to write a full page. So I am not going to make Halloween really scary because it is just on a sheet of paper. So I will just make a few things up. I am going to be a dracula my face will be white, my hair will be black, I will have red on the inside and black on the outside. I will have black shoes and I will have black pants and I will have a black shirt. Well I know you all know I will be wearing or using those things. I will tell you about Halloween. Halloween is going to be fun but nobody wants to go with me but will look for one of my friends that wants to go trick or treating with me. So if nobody wants to go with me I should just go by myself. So this isn't just what I have to say about Halloween but I am going to have to stop right here.

Nicholas Martin
Grade 4

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