Once upon a time there lived a poor family and two kids .The parents were very mean to them. The kids did not have names. The family had bad luck their whole life. They lived in a haunted house their whole life because some family disappeared in there. The road was dirt and no one went down it .No one lived by them either or went by the dirt road .The family always minded their own business but never judged anyone. The family never got sick ever since someone robbed them .They never got mail again either, that got them scared. The family does not remember the past either. One day a little boy came down the dirt road with his dog. He was just wandering around through the woods because the family lived in the woods .The parents thought the little boy was very odd looking because the family were like the whitest people on earth. The dog ran away barking. The little boy went in the house, he thought it was very neat. The family found out that they were ghosts. They chased the boy away and locked their door forever. They never saw the boy again.

Colleen Methot
Grade 6

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