On Halloween a new girl came into town her name was Kelly. Kelly went to school that day. The kids did not like Kelly. People would talk about Kelly and she would cry. That night it was Halloween so when she got all dressed up people did not know her. When she took off her mask people said that she was cool. Kelly had the best costume so people started to like her. Kelly did not get it. she said you people did not like me in school to day but you do right now. The reason that they liked her is because of her costume. She ask the kids why didn't like me in school today. They said because one person didn't like you so we all followed that person. They said sorry to Kelly. Kelly wanted to go back were she came from. Kelly didn't even unpack. Her friends said that she shouldn't leave because of use. So Kelly stayed and made more friends. They went back out for Halloween . They saw a house in the woods. So they called it there camp. They brought candles there because the light is were out . And the windows were banging.

They did not move until one of the friends were gone. The friends were all very scared. They started to look upstairs and downstairs. They all went home and Kelly went to the girls' house to see if she was there but her mother said that she was with you. Kelly said that all of us were in the camp but her.

We looked in the camp and she was not there. Kelly went home and told her mother that one of her friends are missing and she started to worry. Kelly's mother called the cops and the cops started to look. First, they looked at the camp. They did not find her. They looked for three days and still no sign. All of her friends started to look for her but there was no sign of her.

After two months, they found her in the camp in the basement. She was only bones! Her mother cried and cried. Kelly's friend was only kidding and her mother and the cops were only playing a joke on Kelly!

Kelly said that she is going to kill them because she was so scared. Kelly said that she was not going with them next Halloween. The next week, they went back to the school and everyone liked Kelly. At lunch they put worms in her sandwich and she ate them it was only suppose to be a joke. Kelly was not to eat it just look in the sandwich. Kelly said in her head I am going to get them you watch so Kelly got really mad and she pour juice all over her friends after school. One of Kellys best friend was helping Kelly get all set up. All of Kelly friends got over the juice thing. That day thy went to the camp and said no one better disapear. When they got to the camp they decided to fix the camp. So when the got paint and all of the kind of stuff so they started to fix the camp up.They found a box full of pictures and poems so they all were thinking about making there own box. When they were all down the camp they put some chairs and a table every halloween they will go there to tell scary storys and they liked the way the fixed the camp up. All the friends made a path that they would be friends when they go to high school. Kelly said that does not matter because right know they had each other.

Erica Vicaire
Grade 6

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