The Dead Boy

One day a girl her name was Sabrina went to Junior High School. When she got to class, the teacher Mrs. Judy said there's going to be a new student. When Sabrina first saw him, she liked him. Then they started going out together.

Then the next day, Sabrina wanted to ask what his name was. When she asked him what his name was, he said "I can't tell you" and he ran away. In class, Sabrina asked the kid let's go out tonight. He said "I can't", she said "why not?" But he was already gone.

When Sabrina was eating supper she told her mon that the kid I'm going out with is acting weird. He doesn't talk to me and he wouldn't tell me his name. Yesterday Sabrina asked Mrs. Judy what was the new kid's name and she said it's Adam marsh. In class Sabrina said to the kid meet me after school at 11;50 they had lunch then went out for recess the kid would sit on the bench. When I went to go see him he would run away then everybody had to go but the kid did he sat down and cried then the brought him to his class . Then it was finally after school but the kid was not when she got home she told the kids name was Adam marsh they said he died along ago in a fire then she fainted.

Gerard Barnaby
Grade 6

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