The night of the disappearing children

Once upon a time there were four kids. They all lived in a big house. It was a big castle.

It all start on Halloween eve. When the four kids went trick-or-treating. They went walking in the Sumatra they heard something ratting. They went to go check what it was. They did not see anything. They went back to their spot where they were sitting, then they heard the chains ratting. A few minutes later, they heard it again. But this time they went to go check. They saw a ghost. It was not just one ghost it was three ghosts. They all ran fast. They saw two Draculas coming towards them.

The next day the kids where eating their candy in the cemetery, then all of a sudden they heard that noise again. They seen people so they just stayed there and the people asked them over for supper. There were five of them. So the kids went and the people brought them to a big castle. It was in back of the cemetery. Then the people put them into a bath then lit a fire. One of the kids said, "is it getting hot in here, or is it just me?" Then they looked at the people, they where the people they saw yesterday. Then they jumped out of the pot and ran away from the castle, but the ghost guards caught them. Then they where screaming. The kids got out of their armies, they ran and the building callapsed. They made it out safely!

Jeremiah C
Grade 6

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