Raymond Disappeared!

If I told this story to Raymond before October 31st, he wouldn't have believed it. But now, it is November and nobody has ever seen Raymond. Here is my theory of how he disappeared:

"On October 30,Raymond was trying on his new robot suit. It fit perfectly. Raymond wished he had a better costume though, or even a mask. He went to the store and the costume shop, but they had already closed. He went home for the night.

The next morning, Raymond rode around his hometown of Pennsylvania on his bike. He rode around until about 4:00 pm. He went home and ate supper. When it was time to go, he went to all his friends' houses, but they had already had gone. So he went all by himself. He had no idea of the horrors he would face in an hour.

He went to a street that had no children on it. "Good," he thought, "More for me." After he finished the street, his bag was halfway full. As he went to another street with children on it, he passed a cemetery. As he passed it, he heard someone call his name. He looked around, but saw nobody. So he continued on. Three seconds later, he heard his name again. Then, he saw a house with no lights on he had not gone to yet. It was a mile from the street he had just finished minutes ago. He knocked on the door three times. Nobody answered the door. He opened the door. It was darker inside than out. As he walked around the house, he heard strange noises like someone was following him. He was scared. He ran straight out of the house and into the cemetery. Then he bumped into someone. He looked at the stranger's face. He screamed! The stranger had a face like ...............a .. ....ZOMBIE!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Jesse Brisk
Grade 6

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