The Spider and the Fly

A few nights ago I heard strange noises. When I heard the noises I went under the covers and listened. Then I heard it again. It sounded as if someone was trying to climb the wall.

Then a picture fell off the wall. My mother quickly came out of the room to see what I was doing. When she saw I was sleeping she picked up the broken glass and went back to bed. A few minutes before my mother went in the room, I saw something come out of her room. It had went in the bathroom. It was weird because it went right past my mom and she didn't even see it. So I was brave enough to see what it was but there was nothing there. I went back to bed and then I saw someone go downstairs.

I quickly sat up to see but it was too dark I got out of bed quietly to look downstairs. When I looked I saw a little boy and a little girl! I followed them quietly. They had our meatloaf from last night's supper. The little girl turned into a spider and the little boy turned into a fly . When I woke up in the morning my mom asked me about the picture and I said I was sleeping.

Kashina Latter
Grade 6

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