The Girl Who Was Dead

One creepy night there was a teenage boy who was ready to go out then all of sudden something caught his eye it was a teenage girl who was all wet so he brought her home and they went out, and he dropped her off at her house then they got to know each other he said what is your name.

Then she said her name is Jasmin then he told her that is a nice name so one night Keith told her on Halloween night do you want to come over and we will eat popcorn and she said of course. That night Keith had a dream of her he could see her beautiful brown hair and her big beautiful lips and dark skin. On Halloween night there were kids coming and it was 7:50 and she did not show up so he went to her house and he asked for her and they said how dare you come and ask me that, my daughter is dead, then he said, "How did she pass away? Was it yesterday? Because I was with her yesterday." Her mother said, "My daughter died two years ago." Then Keith ran out and started crying, he went home and she was there, then she said where did you go I was waiting here until 7:15 there was a lot of kids outside, then he ran out the door then he went for a drive, and he seen her again, then he backed up and drove away, everywhere he went he would see her then he just ended up at his house. She said what is wrong with you? Then he fainted, then he woke up in the the bedroom tied up and she was staring at him, but he did not know she was there she was not showing herself. He tried to untie himself, then she started started to laugh, but he thought she was coming but she wasn't. Then when he got scissors, she showed herself then she took the scissors, then she answered the door when she was invisable then she showed herself. She went back to him he was untying himself then he ran away, he went upstairs in the bedroom closet. She started to say, "come out come out where ever you are." Then he said, "please go away." Then she said, "you can run but you can't hide." Then she banged the door open and he wasn't there she said, "you can't hurt me you know what happened." Keith said, "no I don't what happened but I know you are dead." She started to pretend cry and she said, "I wanted to still be friends with you but you had to take it all seriously." Then she ran out, he never saw her again because she left to a different guy and it started all over again and the other guy knew it was her and she knew it was him he seen his girlfriend and he kept her safe while everything started on some one else.


Olympia Barnaby
Grade 6

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