A long time ago there lived a small family. They moved to a new house, they moved to a house next to a lake. The family settled in. The next day the father wanted to test the boat so the family when out on the boat. When they got to the end of the lake they stopped for dinner. The mother got up and went to the cooler to get a drink. She fell off the boat, the father tried to save her, but it was too late. The family was sad the very same night the kid looked out the window and saw a light at the end of the lake. The boy knew that had to be his mom as a ghost. The next day the father told his son that he was getting a new mother today. He saw his new mother, he ran to his room. At night time he looked out the window and saw the light getting closer and closer until it was gone, then he heard a scream. He ran in his mom's room. His mom was on the floor dead. She was cut up, so was the dad. He looked at the back of him and saw a light coming to. He saw it was not his mom, the boy ran out of the house. The ghost was coming closer, then the ghost got him. He was never seen again.

Raymond Caplin
Grade 6

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