Four Girls And A House

Once there were four girls. They were out trick or treating. When they were walking they looked in the woods that they were passing by, they all saw a house a little bit in the woods. They went to go check if they had any candy because they were very desperate to get more candy than there younger brothers and younger sisters.

They met up with their other friends. So they all walked towards the house together, but then the friends that they met up with turned around. It took the four girls that were left an hour to get to the house. They were confused because it didn't look like it would take them that long. They weren't scared. So they knocked on the door.

Nobody answered the door, so they knocked again and the door just opened. They went in the house. Then they saw a table with a bowl of candy on it. So they took the candy and put in their bags. Then they turned around to leave and the door just shut. Now they were very scared.

Then all of a sudden they heard two girls screaming. And when they turned around two girls were gone. Then another girl started screaming. And she was gone to.Then there was one girl left. She ran up the stairs and saw a window. So she climbed out the window, and told her parents.

They didn't believe her at first until her friends parents called. She told them where to find her. When they got to the house two cops went in. Then all of a sudden the house disappeared and so did the cops. After that nobody ever went back into those woods again.


Shera Wysote
Grade 6

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