The Shadows

Once a time there lived a man in a forest. Later that night he couldn't sleep so he made some tea and when it was done he saw a figure in the window. Then it moved, he went to go see who it was and then the figure broke the glass and grabbed him then lightning streaked across the sky.

A few weeks later a family moved in and tried to settle in. Jennie there, the girl went outside to play outside. Their Mom, Shannon, went to town to get some food. Their dad, Michael, tried to make a fire the old way. When Jennie was playing she saw a figure in the bushes. He jumped out and said, "you must get out it is not safe here." Then Michael sat down with him and then Jennie saw another dark figure. But he was moving fast then they heard Jennie scream loud and then Michael took the fire poker and then ran and chased the person. He threw the fire poker and went in his leg. He ran away. Then Michael took a chair and yelled "What's going on around here?" Then the man said, "You can't escape now we are getting ready to get you all and too bad your wife is gone because you won't be here to save her. Ha, ha." Then Michael said, "put him downstairs for them to eat him". Then Mark said, "What are you going to do now?" "We're going in the woods to find them and then lock them somewhere." Then Michael got some knives and the fire poker. Then he went to get them he found one of them in the bushes and he shot a knife at him and when he got there, he found the second one and then he whacked him on the head with the fire poker. Then he found the last one but he was three times bigger than the other ones and he swung at him but he missed and the person got him and swung him around and then Michael threw the knives at him and they both went down and Michael got up but the person didn't. When he got home he saw his wife and they drove home but the person followed them home.


Tyler Morrison
Grade 6

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