The Wolf with the Deadly Fever

I got home from school one evening and it was very boring. When I got inside I said, "I'm going to my room." I was happy it was Friday, but after supper I got angry because I could not go to my friend's house. So I went in the woods and started practicing with my bow, it was 9:30pm. It was dark. The only thing I saw was my house. Then I saw the trees my eyes had to adjust to the darkness, I said, "This is were I live now."

It was at least 11:00pm before I saw the wolf. I had fallen asleep in my tree fort when I awoke I thought my dog was loose. When I looked down and saw red glowing eyes staring back at me. I wished I had brought my bow. My stick that I always use was on the side of me. I tossed it and the wolf ran. I had ran to the road when the wolf caught up to me. He came up to me and bit my leg he then ran off. I ran home and told my parents. In the morning we went to the hospital to check my leg. The doctor said I would be fine in two weeks. I was out within a week I was limping, but I was walking fine I had a little party. My best friend Gregory helped me around. The wolf who bit me came back and now was injured we patched him and we kept him ever since.

Or Is It?

Zachariah Barnaby
Grade 6

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