Once upon a time in 1892 there was a ghost in a house in the forest and all the people were sleeping in two rooms. The mother was looking for the light in the basement and she heard some sounds in the coners. She found the light and she shined the light in the corner and she saw a flash! She got scared and she ran upstairs in the kids room and the little brother was gone. The mother went in the sisters room and she was gone, the wind blew the window open and it was raining hard. She tried to shut the window but it was to hard to shut the window then she ran down the stairs into the basement. The kids were there and they started to yell and the mother took the light and dropped it. The kids were trapped in the basement and the mother tried to open the doors but they were locked. She was scared and she tried to go in the basement and the basement was on fire and the kids where stuck in the basement. The kids tried to stay away from the fire around them and the kids tried to stop and think and the kids heard a sound that said, "Come here and go on your knees and hold your hands and hear the sounds in the walls. You will find a box with a lock on it and try to find a shovel and open the lock and you will find some..." "Gold!" the kids said to each other. We found the gold and the kids did what they had been told to do. The kids said, "ghost, where do you live?" The ghost said to the kids, "come with me and you will get out." The kids did what he said, and the kids said to the ghost, "Thank you so much." The kids saw their mother and the mother got of out the house alive. The mother said, "are you ghosts?" And the kids said, "no we are your kids." The kids went with their mother and they went to a new house.

The End

Zake Jerome
Grade 6

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