The Graveyard of Spirits

Every October 31 on Halloween, four kids visit the graveyard. The kids names were Max Jason, Claire and Milane. They say down and ate candy. Later on they played games. Once they had enough they were going to leave but they heard noises. Jason said, "lets go check it out". But Claire said, "it could be a skunk or a rat". So Max and the other three went to check it out. Then the gates slammed shut. Milane screamed and ran behind a tree. Max and Jason tried to open but it wouldn't open. Max said, "it's jammed." Claire went to look for Milane but she couldn't see because it was to dark to see. Then Claire walked on someone's grave and a hand popped out and grabbed Claire by the legs. It was zombies that were coming out of the graves. Then Max and Jason ran to Milane and Claire. They had an idea to climb a tree. Once they got up the zombies were pushing the tree and Max and the others were screaming. Then the tree tipped over on the other side and they fell and landed on the ground. Once they got up they ran to the church to look for Father Gallant for help, but he wasn't there. Then the zombies slammed the doors open. The four of them screamed in horror. Then the sun was coming out. The zombies look at the sun and they were melting like snow. The four of them fell down and said it was like a dream.

Chris Metallic
Grade 6

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