The Haunted House

On October 31st, there were four best friends. They decided to go out for Halloween together. One of the girls wanted to be a witch the other three wanted to be zombies. The girls all had their costumes ready for Friday! By the time Friday came the four best friends were ready for Halloween. The four girls met at the cemetery near the school! It was creepy for them.

As the girls were walking and stopping at houses they saw a very scary house. It was far back in the woods. So the girls all decided to go check it out. When they got there the lights were all shut and the windows were closed too! But when they stepped onto the porch the lights were on! There was fire smoke coming out of the chimney and the windows were open! This scared the girls but one of them went up and opened the door. They all went inside. When they were all inside the lights turned on and the fire started from the fire place and the windows opened.

The girls all screamed and ran to the door but it wouldn't open. It was closed shut and they tried to bust the windows but they would not bust. People say when they walk past, you can still hear the screams of the four girls. People say they probably died that night and their spirts go around telling people "Help us let us out!"

Kiley Vicaire
Grade 6

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