Captured by Aliens

It was a dark, scary Halloween night. Three extremely close friends were very scared as they went trick or treating in the cold night. They were exhausted and ready to go home, but they saw a beautiful house. They couldn't help themselves because it was so rich looking, that they thought they would get a lot of candy.

As they stepped closer to the humungous house, they saw a strange image that looked like an alien. They didn't pay any attention to it because it was Halloween, and they already saw a lot of unusual costumes that night. Upon approaching the house, they felt an incredible amount of heat.

When they actually got in the house, the people looked very strange. The old lady asked them to go upstairs to see her husband. He had all of the candies and an incredible costume that looked very scary!

Guess what they saw when they opened the door to see the old man's costume? They saw a bunch of half eaten children, and the old lady's husband was an alien. The old lady was in fact a real alien, too!

At that moment the children tried to escape. The house started to shake uncontrollably. They fell to the floor with a thunderous thump. They tried to open the door, but the aliens locked the doors as soon as the children went in the house, which was really an alien space-ship.

The house (space-ship) started to lift-off to outer space. They thought they went into a house, but they really entered an alien spaceship.

After making several attempts at escaping from the spaceship, they gave up. When they entered space they didn't know where they were. The aliens opened the spaceship's door and threw them out into space. They were near the planet Pluto.

They say when in the night sky, you see the faces of the children in a constellation called-A.L.F.

Bruce S.
L.E. Reinsborough School
Dalhousie, NB
Grade 5

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