Are You There??

On a dark, stormy night in Massachusetts U.S.A, only four more days till halloween, there was a little girl named Katie. She loved her auntie. She visited her auntie about every day! Her auntie was divorced though. Her auntie always missed her husband. Winter kicked in even though it was fall.

Then on October 29th, Katie and her friends (Morgan, Sammi and Linda)had gone shopping for Halloween costumes. Katie was a giene, Morgan was an angel, Linda was a devil and Sammi was a witch. When they got to Katie's house, Linda, Morgan and Sammi had to go home because their moms had called while they were at the mall.

One day later Katie's aunt had died; however, Katie did not know that her aunt had died! Her auntie had died in her sleep. Katie's parents had gone to the aunt's funeral and told Katie they had left. Katie did not hear though! So since no one was home anymore, she went to her aunt's ( knowing she was dead) to show her her costume.When Katie got there she said, "Auntie?"She screamed "u there?"There was no answer. A few hours later Katie fell asleep. Then a few secents later something tapped her on the shoulder and Katie woke up. She did not know why! Then later she fell asleep again, and the same tap woke her up. Rumor has it any time you fall asleep in her house, you will always wake up. Remember Katie's auntie died in her sleep.

Dalhousie, NB

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