The Wicked Witch’s House

On Halloween night, a little boy named Tim went into this house. He knocked on the door of a wicked witch’s house. Nobody answered the door. So, the little boy went into the wicked witch’s house. He was trying to look for somebody so he could get some candy. All of a sudden, a wicked witch popped out of nowhere. The little boy Time was very scared.

Tim said, "trick or treat."

The wicked witch said, "Trick or treat!"

Tim said, "yeah, it’s Halloween night."

The witch said, "Oh, follow me. Here is some of my soup."

Tim tried the some of her soup. All of a sudden he turned into a little witch. Tim’s mom saw the wicked witch and Tim, but Tim was a witch. Tim’s mom fainted.

Trent Googoo
Indian Brook
Grade 4

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