The Trick or Treats

Once there were four girls, they were named Shanice, Kelsey, Courtney and Linnea. We were trick or treating. We had a lot of fun. We went out two times, that was cool.

We saw a ghost and we were very scared. We screamed really loud. We had a lot of candy and we went to a lot of houses. It took us 140 days to eat it all.

We went to a haunted house and we went to a party and we got shot with a paintball gun. It hurt us a lot.

We met people, Felicity, Shelby, Naomi and that is it. We went trick or treating. It was cool too and we went home and we wanted to stay out all night long, and we did.

The End.

Shanice Greer
Indian Brook
Grade 5-6

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