The Forerunner

A long time ago there was a girl named Margaret Ann. They lived way out in the woods, about 20 minutes from town. A couple of her friends came to visit her, it was believed that the old cottage was haunted.

In the back of the cottage there were three grave stones. It was believed that the family was murdered by a man that was believed to be half horse - that walked in the woods.

That night Margaret Ann and her friends were playing a game of cards and an unexpected guest showed up and asked if he could join the game. All the girls agreed and said "yes." They all began to play.

As they began to play cards, they were all laughing. The man was dressed in a black trench coat with a top hat on his head. "Heís dressed a little strange" the girls thought in their heads.

As they dealt out a hand of cards, one of Margaret Annís cards fell out on to the floor. She slowly leaned down to grab the card and noticed that the man had feet that looked like horse hooves.

Margaret Ann and her friends all made eye contact and noticed that she was very scared of something. Margaret Ann and her friends heard a loud scream and they all ran to look out the window and never saw anything.

As they went back to the table the man was gone. They all went to check outside. They saw the man running and he looked back with his red eyes and long tail and just disappeared.

A while later the girls looked in the bible for some information about the strange man. There was a picture of him, they called him a forerunner.

It was getting late and the girls decided to go home on their bikes and from that day, they were never heard from or seen again.

Kelsey Julian
Indian Brook
Grade 5-6

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