The Contest

I won a contest! I yelled "Yippee!" I ran to show Mom and she said "we’ll go and see what we won tomorrow, ok?" I said "ok Mom." I went to bed and I couldn’t sleep that night!

That morning Mom was packing for the day. Mom gave me a bag and said "go and pack your clothes, we’re leaving in five minutes, ok? So hurry up!"

We arrived! It had a sign that said "Good Luck." Me and Mom were standing there, looking at it, saying that it’s weird.

We walked in, noone was there. We looked around, Mom opened one door, "Skeletons on the floor" I said, "what happened to them?" We opened the second door and there were zombies.

We ran downstairs as fast as we could. We went outside and there was a grave cemetery with all the missing kids. Then we went home.
The End.

Katie Paul
Indian Brook
Grade 5-6

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