The Haunted Honda Shop

One time ago, there was a couple that had 3 children. They lived in a small house behind a Honda shop, far in the woods. The fatherís name was Paul, the motherís name was Sophia, the sonís name was Brandon, the daughterís name was Savanna and the babyís name was Jaclyn. They were a happy family.

The family did not have a car. The father was a teacher in the school. He works in different classes and helps the teachers. The way he got in to work, was to get up in the morning and walk out to the street. He would get a ride right away.

The school board said "If you miss a day of work, you will be fired." Paul missed a day of work because the person that drove him was taking Paul all over the place. Paul was telling the woman to take him to the school but the lady said "No, I canít take you to work, Iím taking you home with me."

Then Paul said "Listen, I am a man, I have a beautiful wife and three beautiful children I cannot come home with you." When he went past the school he said "PLEASE miss, take me to work." The woman said "No I canít stop." Then Paul opened the door when the car was still moving.

Paul went flying out the door. He was not far from the school, all he had to walk was not even a block away. It was just around the corner. He started to run, he got to work at 11:00 and the man was sitting there, waiting. As soon as he got to the office the man said "You are late. You know what I said, listen really close... YOUíRE FIRED!" Then Paul went home.

When he went home it was about ten oíclock. His wife and children were in bed. He was so mad, he had an idea. First he killed his wife, then he killed his kids and then he killed himself. Then the man that fired him was watching the news and is sad that a man killed his family plus himself. Then it said that his first name was Paul.

The man was so mad for doing that to Paul. The man killed himself. Everybody knew Paul and his family and were very sad. The kids that went to that school were never allowed to go back and Paul was saving up his money so that he could buy a car from the Honda shop. Nowadays, they call the Honda shop "The Haunted Honda Shop" because the man that worked at the shop also killed himself because he was not happy. Thatís why they call it "Haunted Honda Shop." A lot of people killed themselves in the shop.


Jill Sack
Indian Brook
Grade 5-6

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