The Man With No Feet

One day I was walking down the road and I saw a man dressed in black. He said "are you lost little boy?" I said, "no, I just live over there." When I looked down he had no feet like us, he had hooves. When I blinked my eyes he was gone and I ran home and told my mom that I saw strangers. My mom said "what did he do to you?" I said "Nothing, but he said ‘are you lost little boy?’ And I said, ‘No.’" I told her that when I blinked my eyes that he was gone. My mom didn’t believe me and I said "Fine, you go see him if you’re not scared" and she said "ok then, where is he?" I said "I don't know." "Well then, I can't see him ok?"

Jeremy Stephens
Indian Brook
Grade 5-6

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