What Are You Doing on Halloween Night?

Once there was a girl, her name was Felicity and she lived in a haunted house. Her mom moved away because of her dad. He did not like her and would get mad at her for nothing. So we moved and I didnít want to move because I liked our house and my school and my friends were all nice to me, but I had to move away with my mother.

I just came home from school and my mom said "We are going to move away." The little girl liked where they were moving to.

Her mom would not tell her. She was crying and her mom was too. Halloween was coming up. "So what are you going to be?" "I donít know mom. I will tell you when it comes, ok mom?" They get to their new house. It was big and old and it looked funny, I didnít like it. I called my dad and I talked to him. I had his number, my mom did not, thatís how I called him. My mom got a job too. I will call him when mom came home. Halloween is tomorrow. I will be a witch for Halloween. It was Halloween and she went out.

The End.

Felicity Levi
Indian Brook
Grade 5-6

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