The Barn

Once there were 1,000 ghosts that lived in a giant barn that was named 666 on the end of my street. There was that barn and the barn was an abandoned barn that was about 5 minutes from my house.

That night I went trick or treating. Me and my friends went to all the houses on the reserve. Then my mom sorted out my candy for poison.

My friend called me up to the abandoned barn because it was on fire. Me and my mom went to see the barn. When we got there, all you could hear is screaming but the barn was abandoned, noone lived there.

When they got the fire out they went inside. By the time they got in there all you could hear is laughing but all the firemen came out but one. The fire department set it on fire again. From this day when itís Halloween where the barn was, you can hear crying and screaming.

Arvin Knockwood
Indian Brook
Grade 5-6

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