Right now the year is 2003. In 1998 mom and dad and Susan went to a hotel in Pictou. Susan was 12 years old.

She was sulking to stay on the third floor by herself. Her father said, “yes,” but said, “we have to put a video camera on in the nighttime when you go to bed.” Then someone said “Susan” and she started to cry. Her mom and dad went up. They said it is alright and she went back to bed. Then she heard Susan again. She cried for mom and dad but they didn’t hear her. She heard it again at the second floor. Then she heard, “Susan,” again at the first floor and then she heard it again. She cried for mom and dad but they weren’t awake. Sooner or later, she heard it again. It said, “I’m walking down the hallway.” She went to the corner of her bed and put a blanket over her. Then she heard, “Susan, I’m at your bed.” The next morning her mom and dad came and found her dead. They took the video to the hospital next door. The hear little children laughing and then the TV turned red.

The End.

Celine Pierro
Wagmatcookewey School
Grade 4

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