Deep Dark Forest

One day in the afternoon, I went for a walk in a deep, dark forest. It was damp, cold and foggy. Then I heard something. The trees were moving. I saw a black shadow. It ran by me but I just kept walking deeper and deeper into the woods. I got to a river and a waterfall. It was so beautiful, but I heard a baby crying. I thought I saw people. All the girls were with kids. Some people were men. There were boys too.

I walked across the river. I kept on going into the woods. I saw a little girl crying by a tree. Then I went to see her but she disappeared. She was a ghost.

The ghost was on a tree. She had an evil face and laugh. I said, “What a little girl she was.” The last thing I saw was the devil. I never saw any thing like that again. I never told anyone.

The End

Katrina Isadore
Wagmatcookewey School
Grade 4

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