The Ghost at my House

On Saturday I was in the kitchen by myself. I heard Rebecca and Victoria climbing on a shutter. I heard something fall down. I turned around. No one was there. Next I went to the living room. Then I told Rebecca, “let’s see if the ghost is there.” Rebecca wanted to see if the ghost was in the kitchen. Rebecca wanted to be all along to see if she could see the ghost. Rebecca went in the room to see if the ghost was there. She didn’t see the ghost. She went to Brenda’s room. Victoria’s toy spider was spinning real fast. The bug catcher was spinning real fast too, by itself.

We think that was the ghost. I felt scared. Victoria was scared too. I knocked on my big sister Brenda’s door. She said, “Go back to bed.” I said my prayers. Then we went back to bed.

Henrietta Peck
Wagmatcookewey School
Grade 4

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