The Dancing Hippy

There was a dark night. A hippy was dancing through the woods. It was just him alone in the dark. That hippy was a dark man. It was in 1970.

The hippy did not know where he was going because he was dancing. Then he stopped to look around. He was lost! Then he saw his dead wife. He was happy to see her face. She was smiling. Then her face turned evil. Then the dark hippy got scared because her eyes turned red. Her hair became black and messy! Her nails became big, thick and sharp. Then lots of scary ghosts came because he was in the cemetery. They were trying to kill him, so he ran away. The dancing hippy ran as fast as he could!

And that Dancing Hippy’s name is Michael Jackson. He was the best at dancing.

But everywhere he went, he saw ghosts! While he went up the steps, he looked in the mirror right behind him. His scary wife was behind him!

He went to bed. Before he went to bed he called the priest to bless his house.

The other day she still came back with her friends. Then the next day, Michael Jackson’s friends came to see him and the friends were there too. Then he came back, but this time his wife did not come. So Michael Jackson started his career of singing and dancing. His wife wasn’t heard of again. The ghost of his wife!

The End

Wagmatcookewey School
Grade 4

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