The Scary Night

Hailey, Melissa and I were at my house down the basement. It was a winter night with a full moon. We were half sleeping. We saw a dark man with a pointy hat. He had no face. He walked towards me. I put a blanket over my face. When I took it off, he was still there. He put his hand right in my face. It felt cold. I put the blanket over my head again. When I took it off again, he was walking to Hailey. His red eyes were glowing. All of a sudden, he disappeared! I went upstairs to use the bathroom. When I looked in the mirror, I saw him again. The light went out. I saw a green face glowing in the mirror. I went back downstairs and went to bed. I never saw the ghost again.

Alicia Googoo
Wagmatcookewey School
Grade 4

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