The Scary Murder of Hell

One afternoon in 1999, Erica and Robert and I were walking through the dark damp foggy woods. We were walking up a mile long, we saw a skull hanging by a rope. I tried to run home but I got lost! I ran back to Erica and Robert but their heads were hanging too! I ran to my house and I saw my mom dead on the floor! When I got to my aunties, they were zombies. They hung me but I escaped from the zombies and the zombies ran after me, so I went to the playground. I climbed the red thing and the zombies threw rocks at me so I would fall off but I didnít fall off. I did get hurt by a rock flying to my eye.

It all disappeared in thin air. My mom was really, really dead still on the floor! And thatís my story!

Elliot Paul
Wagmatcookewey School
Grade 4

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