Friday the 13th

One night on the Friday the 13th, we were at Maple Mountain. My friends and I were at the top of Maple Mountain. We heard voices. It was the boys. The boys had gotten scared because we all saw a ghost. He was white. His eyes were red. We all ran down Mapel Mountain. He ran after us. When we went to the graveyard, he ran away from us. Vernon, Megan, Jerry, Brendan and I - we were looking at the ground. A hand came out of the ground and took Vernon’s leg. Vernon started crying. Vernon was underground. A person went back up. It wasn’t Vernon. It was a different person. He was running after us. I saw a baby so I held it. It stopped crying. The baby turned into Freddy Krugar. The cabin turned into Freddy’s house. All of my friends got freaked out. We all saw a car with the keys. Meagan took off with the car. That ghost was chasing us. Freddy Krugar was chasing us too. The car broke down on us, but we were running out of the car. My leg broke. I could not walk. I fell down, Then I died and turned into a ghost. I helped out my friends. Freddy Krugar was trying to slice Jerry’s neck. We went back to Freddy’s house. My friends were trying to kill Freddy Krugar but Freddy sliced Megan’s hand. Vernon came back up from the ground. Vernon was a mean ghost. He was trying to kill my friends but I killed Vernon before he killed my friends. Meagan died only. Brendan and Jerry were alive.

It got daylight. All of us died. Brendan and Jerry were still alive. Brendan and Jerry went back home. Vernon, Meagan and I stayed dead. The End.

Janice Peck
Wagmatcookewey School
Grade 4

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