My Ghost Story

One night at my Grammie’s. I went in the washroom and the window was open and I saw a face looking at me. It had big glasses and no smile when I look back he wasn’t there no more. I told my Grammie and Mom and Dada I said someone was looking at me from the window. I started crying. My Dada went outside he said, “ No one was there.” My Grammie went driving around and she saw my godfather (Mickey Sylliboy), “Did you go to my house?” :Yes.” “Did Rod see you?” Yuppers my Grammie told him he said, “Yeah.” My Grammie came back you know it was who you said. Your godfather (Mickey Stogn Sylliboy). He said, “Sorry Rod my godchild. It’s okay I said one thing you scared me. I saw him yesterday walking. Oh yeah he went next door.

Rodney Sylliboy
We’koqma’q Elementary
Grade 5

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